Jerry Mader

Jerry Mader

Life after Farfan

Sept. 1966 - Dec. 1968

Arrived at Farfan in Sept. 1966 right after boot camp in Great Lakes, BE&E School also Great Lakes, And Radiomen A School at Bainbridge MD. After soaring through the ranks to RM3 I departed Farfan in December 1968 for separation on Christmas Eve 1968. The timing and path of my Farfan arrival leads me to believe I was the chosen replacement for Joe Cosgrove to insure his legacy would not be surpassed.

Upon return to civilian life I went to work for the U.S. Postal Service. After growing tired of being chased by the same dogs everyday I became a dispatcher for the Montgomery County Police Department. Lasted a little over year as I didn't care for the shift work. Had enough of that in the Navy. Married in 1971 and produced two children.

Decided to go to college on the GI bill in 1972. Worked in retail warehouse management for a couple of companies for a couple of years until I could not take the long hours and small checks.

Somehow I was lucky enough to latch on with General Electric in 1980 until the division was sold by neutron Jack Welsh to RCA and then sold to Martin Marietta which soon merged with Lockheed to finally become Lockheed Martin doing government contract work where I remained until retirement in April 2007. Finally decided I had enough of the contracting crap and couldn’t take it anymore. For 27 years I was a low tech guy in a high tech job and I fooled em for years. I was very fortunate have a pension plan that originated with GE and was grandfathered in when the unit was sold. With the pension and 401k plans I was able to retire early and am awaiting the first SSA check to begin arriving in May 2008 [the Boomers have arrived].

I haven't yet had the urge to find part time work. And if I do at some future date it sure will not be involved with being responsible for a bunch of other people.

Spend a lot of time traveling and enjoy drinking coffee and watching the rest of the world trudge off to work each morning.

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